Why should you choose Impossibly Creative for your next web project? There are hundreds of reasons. Most of them involve us being awesome, but we don’t want to bore your with a long list. After careful consideration and ego deflation, we settled on just a few.

We practice content-driven design

Content-driven design is exactly what it sounds like. Your content drives our artistic process, not the other way around. At the end of the day, nothing on your website matters more than your content. It helps your clients find you, either by Google or word-of-mouth, and then helps your clients realize you’re the one for the job. Your content is the star, and we treat it as such.

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We build responsive sites from the start

In October, 2016, a moment web analysts were predicting finally happened. Mobile web browsers overtook desktop browsers for the first time. Google had already been penalizing sites for not being mobile for months, but now the data spoke clearly. Mobile is now king, and it’s reign is only just beginning.

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We design and develop with accessibility in mind

An accessible website is one that everyone – every. single. user. – can access. Accessibility also goes beyond the medium, and extends to the platform the user is using to experience the website. Smartphones and other touch devices are used by people with all varieties of ability, both temporary and permanent. Certain aspects of an accessible website are now required by law. You don’t even have a choice.

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