In October, 2016, a moment web analysts were predicting finally happened. Mobile web browsers overtook desktop browsers for the first time. Google had already been penalizing sites for not being mobile for months, but now the data spoke clearly. Mobile is now king, and it’s reign is only just beginning.

Different Results for Different Devices

If you’re looking at the data and thinking the gap isn’t big enough yet, you’re taking a huge risk. Google now shows different results depending on your device. Searching on a laptop will net you one set of results, the ones you’re used to seeing. Searching on a phone or a tablet will result in mobile-friendly results first. The mobile-friendly tag may be gone, but it’s legacy lingers. As the world gets more connected and phones get smarter, the mobile market grows. And grows. And grows. You can’t ignore it anymore.

Is your site mobile friendly? If not, we can fix that. Do you have one of those outdated “mobile sites” in addition to your main site? That may have gotten you through the transition period, but now it’s time to put that solution out to pasture. Let us take over and get your site ready for the future.