Our Privacy Policy is pretty simple: We ignore your data whenever possible. It’s not that data isn’t important, we just don’t need it for our business.

What we collect:

  • Your name – If you fill out our contact form, we collect your name. This seems pretty obvious as we need to know what to call you.
  • Your email address – Like your name, we need to know how to contact you. You’re the one filling out our contact form after all.
  • Generic Google Analytics data – We don’t do anything beyond the initial, vanilla implementation of Google Analytics, and to be honest we don’t even really look at the data. Our business doesn’t require it right now.

That’s all we do. We don’t even send out a monthly newsletter anymore because we’re boring like that.  If you have any questions about our policy, feel free to contact us on Twitter – @impossiblycr8v.