All In on Accessibility

Accessibility has been a passion of mine for nearly my entire career in web development. When I first started out, Jeff de Wit was there to guide me. He pushed me to learn how to do things without JavaScript dependencies because those were bad for accessibility. Over time, my lessons in making a more accessible web would continue. I’d learn about color contrast and relative font sizing. Alt suddenly had new meaning.

Those early lessons ultimately led to my joining the WordPress Accessibility Team. On the team, I earned my first WordPress Core Contributor credit in helping organize accessibility testing for Shiny Updates. Now, I’m spearheading the color contrast project, actively trying to resolve Core’s color contrast issues. Beyond the Accessibility Team, through Impossibly Creative, I’m committed to making the web more accessible. And today, I’m doubling down.

Renewed Focus

When I started Impossibly Creative nearly two years ago, the goal was to build a business that could support me and my family. I’d hoped to, years down the line, have employees and follow the traditional agency model. It’s all I knew. But after two years of building the business, I realize now it’s time to pivot. But just a little.

While we’ll still take standard web business when called upon, Impossibly Creative is now committed to becoming Orlando’s leader in web accessibility consulting. If you need help making your site or other digital content more accessible, forget the Ghostbusters. We’re who you’re gonna call. From accessibility audits for Section 508 compliance to resolving design issues before production starts, Impossibly Creative has you covered.

Why Accessibility?

The lazy answer is “why not,” but there’s more to it. My mother lives with a debilitating combination of an auto-immune disease and severe rheumatoid arthritis. Using a computer or smart phone is incredibly difficult for her. We’ll be telling her full story soon, but suffice to say the decision to focus on accessibility is far from a business one. This is deeply personal.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling the full details of our new¬†services. Until then, enjoy the renewed focus of our blog as we share more tips, tricks, and techniques that will make your sites more accessible.