3 Ways to Back Up Your WordPress Content

Whether your write once a month or three times a day, losing your website’s content can be a nightmare. Hours of work go into a single article. Losing that work is time you can’t get back. That’s why backing up your content is so important. So how do you go about making sure your work is backed up? Here are three ways to back up your WordPress content and make sure you don’t lose your work.

Google Docs

If you have a Google-based email address, or have worked on a team to edit documents, you’re probably familiar with Google Docs. While not as powerful as Office 365’s Word application or even Apple’s Pages app, Docs is more than serviceable as a text editor. Better yet, it is entirely HTML-based, so you can copy into WordPress without worrying about some of the crazy formatting Word can bake in.

Where Google Docs really shines though is with its file-sharing capabilities. I strongly recommend using Google Docs as part of your writing process regardless of if you’re using it to keep an off-site backup of your content. The file-sharing abilities let you avoid setting up additional users for content editing partners. Just create a share link and send it over to your friends to review. No admin work needed.

Editing features aside, Google Docs is a great way to keep your content backed up. Like WordPress’s revisions system, Google Docs saves versions of your content as you write. This lets you revert back to older versions if needed. More importantly, your content is saved in your Google Drive, so it is completely separate from your site. If your site crashes and you lose an article somehow, you’ll still have your Google Docs copy safe and sound.


There are several plugins out there that help keep your content backed up including BackWPUp, Backup Buddy, and Duplicator. Plugins are great for those that aren’t as tech-savvy, but still understand the importance of backing up your content. The plugins on the market vary in depth and options – I’ll be reviewing backup plugins in a later series – but a good backup plugin will make sure all of your content is readily restorable with little to no effort.

The big drawback to a lot of backup plugins is many of them back up to your WordPress install. This means your backups are sitting there right next to your main site on your server. Several of the plugins include a premium option for offsite backups either to their own storage or to something you control like an Amazon S3 instance. Don’t worry if that sounds Greek to you. If it does, you’re probably better off going with option three.

Maintenance Services

Your third option is a premium maintenance service. This takes away all of the guess work and places it on to a professional. They handle backing up your content, your site, and anything else you need all for a monthly fee.  A good service will include additional items, not just backups.  Some maintenance services offer a DIY option – ManageWP is one such service – but it again requires a bit of technical knowledge to set up. Why deal with the headache when you can pay a pro and leave the worries to them?

Maintenance services are something we specialize in here at Impossibly Creative. For a single monthly fee, you get daily backups, security scans, plugin and WordPress version updates, and much more. Ready to get started? Contact us today!